1. What is Volunteer Nigeria about?
    Answer: Volunteer Nigeria is a platform where anyone who needs volunteer experience, anyone interested in supporting a cause or anyone who wants gain experience by volunteering in a field can connect with organizations who needs these services?
  2. How does it work for volunteers?
    Answer: Prospective volunteer creates his/her profile and can be shortlisted based on available volunteering roles or projects. Prospective volunteers can also apply for projects or interests posted by various organizations.
  3. How does it work for organizations?
    Answer: Organizations who need volunteers create their company profile and projects/services. These projects or services requiring volunteering are visible on the platform for prospective volunteers to apply.
  4. Can organizations shortlist candidates on the platform?
    Answer: Yes, this platform provides organizations the ability to shortlist candidates like any good human resource recruitment solutions.
  5. Do volunteers pay any fee?
    Answer: No, volunteers will never pay to use this service
  6. Do organizations/companies pay any fee?
    Answer: Organizations or companies will only pay after six (6) months based on their select packages which is very affordable.
  7. Can prospective volunteers apply for more than one (1) project or volunteering role?
    Answer: Yes, you can apply for more than one (1) project or volunteering roles
  8. How many projects or volunteering need can an organization or company post?
    Answer: Organizations/company can post or advertise unlimited projects.
  9. How do you ensure that fictitious people do not post fictitious projects?
    Answer: Only organizations with registered company email address can create profiles or projects. The platform does not allow anyone to create organizations or projects with Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or public email addresses.
  10. If I need further information how do I get this?
    Answer: Please send us an e-mail to